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IPS CRANES Featured on Episode of “World’s Greatest!” TV Show
Selected as Best in Crane Category, IPS CRANES

June 22, 2017

St. Paul, Minn.— IPS CRANES, a St. Paul-based custom crane manufacturer, was featured on the national television show “World’s Greatest!” for providing a legacy of innovation and industry leadership in the crane industry.  IPS CRANES was selected from a large group of manufacturers as the best in the crane category, one of the world’s greatest. 
 To view the video online, click here -  IPS CRANES  “World’s Greatest!”

“World’s Greatest!” TV Show focuses on telling “the story behind the story.”  Now in its 11th season, the show is a fast-paced tour around the world featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with unique companies, products, people, and travel destinations. The episode featuring IPS CRANES showcases the woman-owned company as the innovative leader in the crane industry, best known for custom manufacturing, repair and rebuild, crane rentals, service solutions and complete inventory of quality replacement parts for locomotive and crawler cranes.

“Being selected as a featured company on the “World’s Greatest!” is truly a reflection of the unique and amazing company that we are.  Here at IPS CRANES, we are dedicated and committed to serving and exceeding our customers’ needs.  While we are known for our outstanding technology and innovation, our fast turnaround time provides solutions that our customers must have.  We strive for continuous improvement in ourselves, in our products and in our company.  With our amazing team, our dedication to innovation and commitment to safety, we are proud to be included in the “World’s Greatest!” as the leader in the crane industry,” said President and CEO Jackie O’Connell.


Founded in 1988 in St. Paul, Minn., IPS CRANES is the OEM for American and Ohio locomotive cranes.  IPS CRANES is a custom crane manufacturer of locomotive and crawler cranes, who prides itself on delivering innovative, sustainable crane solutions around the world.  IPS CRANES offers a full line of quality OEM replacement parts, unit exchanges, upgrade retrofits, engine repowers, boom building and repair, crane rental fleet, repair/rebuild services, custom manufacturing, 24/7 field service, free phone technical support, prompt component turnaround time, crane evaluations and maintenance/operator training.  IPS CRANES also operates a full-service repair, rebuild and manufacturing facility in Duluth, Minn. with a track running into the building that is serviced by all major railroads.  In June, 2017, IPS CRANES acquired American & Ohio Locomotive Crane Company (AOLCrane).  IPS CRANES Metro Crane division is the exclusive manufacturer of the patent-pending IPS Metro Crane, an emission-free, eco-friendly metro subway crane.  IPS CRANES continues to build a legacy of industry leadership.  For more information, visit www.IPSCRANES.com 

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