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From the Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corp.

IPS Worldwide is a Vadnais Heights based OEM Manufacturer of American & Ohio Locomotive Cranes & Parts.  This company provides some seriously huge pieces of equipment not only across the country, but across the globe.  Major building projects as far away as Africa, the Middle East and Europe rely on the uber-lifting power that IPS Worldwide services and manufactures each and every day right here in Vadnais Heights.

IPS Worldwide began operation in 1988 when a group of former crane manufacturer employees combined their talents and created a small company intent on providing the crane industry with top quality replacement parts and services at affordable prices.
With additional locations in Texas and Duluth, MN, IPS Worldwide is uniquely positioned to provide parts efficiently whenever and wherever they are needed.

Prior owner Tom Holly and current owners Jackie and Patrick O’Connell not only maintain the countless business relationships required to maintain a successful business, but they also maintain countless philanthropic connections that help keep them grounded right here in their community.  “We enjoy it.  We love this community.  We’re passionate about the causes that we get involved with such as Merrick, Inc., Rotary and the Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation,” said Jackie O’Connell who has facilitated countless events, silent auctions and other endeavors on behalf of community organizations over the years.

Jackie was first exposed to the crane industry years ago when her father worked for the BNSF Railroad Company in Brainerd.  IPS was a major supplier to BNSF and she helped them with their marketing efforts.  “It was just a two person organization back then but it quickly grew into a 30-person operation that it is today,” said O’Connell.   She and her husband bought the company from Tom Holly in January, 2013.  Jackie serves on the Merrick, Inc. Board of Trustees as president and is once again organizing their Bowl-a-thon annually in March.

Their core focus is of course on the crane business and IPS Worldwide is chugging along nicely.  Jackie’s father and mother are involved with the Duluth location, Tom Holly in St. Paul and business is good.  They are a valued member of the Vadnais Heights business community, and just plain good community members!


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